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Divine Immersion Into Your True Self

October 23 to 27, 2018,
Nags Head, NC


by Mary Ryan (from April 2018 retreat)

"My experience at the Divine Immersion Retreat was profound.  The combination of gifts that Kai and Angela offer together is a perfect blend of spiritual  guidance, inspiration, wisdom, and energetic grounding and balancing.  In the presence of these loving women a soul feels entirely safe and loved, and is therefore able to make substantial progress emotionally, spiritually, and energetically.  The beauty of the space and the location on the oceanfront supports and nurtures the physical body, and the group experience builds bonds of trust.  This makes for deep healing, and I am so grateful for what I gained by participating in their retreat.  Words do not suffice, but thank you Angela and Kai for all you have done for me!"

October 23 - 27, 2018

Note*  The video was recorded for the April Retreat, the content is the same.

Join Angela Miele and Kai Shanti in beautiful Nags Head, NC. on the beach for this free flowing, open discovery retreat.  Immerse yourself into the Divine Love of your Being!  And Experience your True Creative Expression!


* Begins Tuesday, October 23rd at 7 pm, Ends Saturday, October 27 at 11am.

* Option to come a day early to hang out.  You will be responsible for your own meals until program begins.  

* Eight delicious vegan meals, beginning with dinner on Wednesday and Ending with breakfast on Saturday.  Snacks, coffee, tea and other beverages will be available throughout the day.

* Beautiful ocean front location with pool and balcony

* If you choose to come early, private healing sessions will be available by Kai and or Angela, any time Tuesday or Wednesday before 2:00.  These spaces are limited to 4 sessions per Kai and 4 sessions per Angela, so sign up early if you are interested, when you register for the retreat.   We will contact you about a time after you register.  These sessions are donation based.  

* Space is limited, so sign up early!

Experiential Activities will Include:

~ Sound Journeys

~ Shakti Blessings

~ Chanting and Voice Exploration

~ Vibrational Healing

~ Conscious Sharing

~ Talks with Q&A Sessions

~ Creative Movement

~ Morning Meditations

~ Walks on the Beach

~ and so much more...


Give yourself this gift.  Gift of your time, gift of your attention, gift of your adoration for yourself.  Dissolve the box around you and discover who you truly are, and what you truly desire in life.  Awaken to your true desires, leading you to your purpose allowing you to explore life with joy and excitement. Immerse yourself into the discovery of your being, without distraction, in a safe and beautiful haven, with other beings discovering themselves.  All are honored, all are divine.


We are your guides on this magical mystery tour of your inner landscape, come and explore the multitude of possibilities.  We will provide loosely guided activities for you to explore in your way.  We will have an art station for a group session and also available to you anytime.  We will guide you in voice exploration, exploring its loving, healing and joyful vibration.  We will join in kirtan experiencing the divine bliss that comes forth when we join our voices together in divine love.  We will explore various ways to meditate, including guided meditation, silent meditation, shakti blessings,  sound journey and walking meditation.  We will explore the earth and her offerings in new and curious ways.  We will explore creative movement techniques including dance and light exercise. We will have open discussions to explore whatever comes to mind to share in that present moment.  We will offer our combined program of sound and shakti blessings, a sacred place of union with your divinity.


 Every breath and every step you take is an opportunity to know yourself more deeply.


I was blessed to be at the first retreat these two women, amazing women, did. I was able to find a deep place within myself through their unconditional love and openness to Divine. Together they are remarkable...individually they are beautifully designed. It was a real opportunity for healing for this girl!! The other women at the retreat added a blessing. Thank you. Look forward to the next retreat.... between the energy of these women and the ocean I am excited to feel the splash of newness that will continue to transform me into the beautiful soul I was created to be.

April Mingos

The journey towards healing, wholeness and enlightenment is long and arduous. It is also not meant to be travelled alone. Angela Miele and Kai Shanti Bower are gifted, beautiful souls that have become an integral part of my journey. Releasing trauma and old patterns that are no longer needed or necessary, for me requires Love, Support, Trust, Kindness and Safety. I am infinitely grateful, blessed, and humbled to continue to be able to work with Kai and Angela. They are not only healers, teachers, warriors, they are friends. 

Their pairing is charged with Love and Divine energy and the work they do individually and together is significant. 

Thank you ladies for sharing your gift so openly and freely.

Leslie Dvorshock

When we offer ourselves to the Divine in a manifestation of Peace, we see that everything we are doing is always Free.  If you offer yourself to this retreat in the way that you know you can be, you will experience Grace beyond any words or descriptions you have ever seen.  We are offering you an opportunity to go beyond your words, to go beyond your descriptions, and to go beyond your own self into your true Divine essence of all things.  This is where we dwell truly.  This is where we speak with God or Consciousness or Grace in all things.  This is where we dwell and reside in our own Peace.  Dive deeply into your being and experience the Grace of all things just by becoming who you are already.  

We will experience everything that we are by chanting, singing, diving deeply into our hearts space; by becoming all that we are, we will know our true essence and our true divinity as it dwells on this earth plane.  We will know that we are and always have been Free.

Essentially this is who we are.  We are Free.

We can dwell in this space as an Ultimate Reality of Grace and we can be that in everything we are doing.

We will teach you how to be that in every moment of every day.

We will teach you how to dwell in that space no matter what you are doing or experiencing.

We will show you that Divinity is truly who you are and now is your time to be Free.

We can experience these things through the Grace of God’s Divinity and we will offer these things to you as an experience of Peace.

Allow yourself to be free now and escape into the Divine Essential Self that you are already.

We are all free.  Be that now and be who you are in everything you are doing.

Explore your inner Nature and Be Free.


Home includes 8 bedrooms, 6 full baths, 1 half bath, elevator, theater room and recreation room

Pricing and Lodging Details

Bunk Bed,

4 beds available

$880 each

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Twin beds 

$980 Single occupancy

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Queen Bed

$1,080  Single occupancy

$930  Double occupancy


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3 King Bedrooms

$1,180  Single occupancy

$980  Double occupancy

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Registration is due by September 15th.

If we don't reach our minimum by this date the retreat will be canceled.  

Full payment is due by October 19th.

$200 Deposit Option
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Early Bird Special

Make your non-refundable  $200 deposit or pay in full, by September 10th to secure your spot and receive a $100 discount, already reflected in the pricing above.

 We look forward to being with you in this Amazing Space of Grace!
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