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The Joy of Living Retreat

Playshops, Activities and Facilitators

Art Journaling


In this introduction to art journaling, we will have hands on play time to be as a child again, and enjoy the experience of applying paint on paper, and adding various mediums onto that page to create, for the enjoyment of making art.


No pressure to create a masterpiece, just a time for fun, and using art supplies as a possible way to be open to communication with your higher self.


Emphasis will be on the experience, no right or wrong in this class, just being open to allowing art-making as an individual, unique to you, joyful flowing experience.




Creating with Journal Writing


Journals can open you up to insights and observations you wouldn't normally experience. My journaling experience has changed and evolved over the years. Currently, journaling is a way for me to listen to my higher self.


You don't need to be a "good writer" to participate in this class, or even have beautiful hand writing.  It's about the experience of creating and getting to know yourself better.  If given time, this tool will surprise you as it allows you to be the observer, and the storyteller.

Patricia Ringling, AAS, LMT, CYT.

My interest in all things spiritual began in my early adulthood and accelerated in 1991, while working as an Occupational Therapy Assistant with children with autism. I am an avid reader having explored many paths and teachers on my spiritual journey.

I consider myself a life long learner, I hold an associate degree in Occupational Therapy, a license in Massage therapy, and a certificate in Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

My passion in life is centered in work that guides individuals to find a place of stillness within themselves, where the truth of their BEING reveals itself.  The style of yoga I practice explores movement and stillness with breath, and teaches you how to take the principles off the mat and into life.

I maintain a private healing practice in Muncy, PA, and teach private and group yoga sessions.


The Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga


Connect with the silent awareness at the core of your being. Enjoy the exploration of movement and stillness coordinated with breath and focused attention. Learn how to take the gifts of evenness of mind and deep relaxation from the yoga mat into life.


Yoga Dance


Access the inner states of joy, power, grace and freedom through movement. Discover the union of body and spirit that is unique to yoga, through play and flow of dance. Find the richness of expression underneath your own skin and the permission to meet and explore the fullness of self.




Carol Wurster,RN, BSN, LMT

I grew up in Williamsport, PA and graduated from Bloomsburg University in Nursing. I attended Mt. Nittany Institute of Natural Health and graduated as a licensed massage therapist. I have continued my education to include; Lymph Drainage Therapy, Heart Centered Therapy, Reconnective Healing and Theta Healing.

I am passionate about assisting people in their awareness of self and in being a conduit for energy from Spirit, the Source.  


Kathleen Stillings

Hello from all things energy, I am a drum circle leader and a nature lover. I will be leading you through wondrous adventures during your time here.  These workshops are for your joy and peace. Come enjoy all aspects of healing with this fabulous group.

Private Healing Sessions


I will be available for 30 min scheduled appointments throughout the weekend. I look forward to assisting you to relax and find your joy this weekend. 


Offering several types of modalities allows me to create a personalized plan based on individual needs.This approach assists the natural healing force within to improve the body's internal environment, leaving you feeling more connected to the source of life and the present moment.


To join with others is to heal.

Nature Walk


I will take you into nature to feel the healing energy of Mother Earth and all that she has to offer.  We will explore the energy shifts as we walk along a nature path;experiencing all that lives along the way.  We will become one with mother earth.  Come and smell the forest, observe new growth, and feel caring love from all that is nature.

Drumming Circle


Come feel the vibration of drumming, the sense of community, and the joy of feeling free to be part of all that is.  I will lead you in drumming whether a newcomer or a seasoned drumming enthusiast.  You will always feel a part of the group. You will feel the healing nature of sound vibration.

Tonya Anderson

A true advocate in the power of joy and its ability to heal all of life's traumas, PTSD. A life long student of love, relationships and healing, Shaman by initiation, lover of Christ and a seasoned facilitator of joy. I am living my dream, living and writing in Williamsport, PA. I am a doting mother of my son, AJ.

Sacred Sexuality I

In this class, we will define, discover and experience the sacredness of our sexuality as a life journey. From our conception to our death, healing and embracing our sexual legacy and its divine meaning; how has sexuality shaped our lives, our choices, and our relationships?  This class may include a healing experience and or meditation as needed by the participants. Together, we answer the eternal question--- How will embracing my sacred sexuality create joy in my life?


Sacred Sexuality II

In a continuation of Sacred Sexuality I, we will focus more on the prescence of our sacred sexuality.  How do we embody and nuture our sacred sexuality in our everday lives?, in the world?, and in our relationships?  This class may include a healing experience and or meditation as needed by the participants. Together we will answer the question --- How do I create a joyful sacred sexual relationship with myself and/or partner?



Angela Kaiser Miele  

All of my life I have been involved in healing and wellness, at first in a traditional career path.  As I became more self -aware my interest led me into alternative healing techniques.  I currently provide group and individual sound and energy healing sessions.  I also create healing jewelry through combining the energies of crystals and gem stones.

Vanessa Hunter

I am a Social and Economic Empowerment Director at the YWCA and have counseled women for 18 years.  I recieived a Master’s Degree  from Lincoln University and have served in the capacity of counselor, advocate and educator.  I am a student of A Course In Miracles iand have been guided to provide humble service and unconditional love to everyone.  I am an empty nesting mother of three extraordinary daughters, one granddaughter and one grandson.

Discussion Group: Living from the Heart

This discussion is geared toward helping you to live a heart centered life. We will identify what it means and how it feels to live from your heart. Learning to live in this way brings you  to your authentic self, allieviates stress and allows you to live in ease and grace. Life becomes joyous!

Sound Healing Meditation

Science has proven everything, including our bodies , is made up of energy. Energy vibrates, discordant vibrations become "dis-ease" whether mental, emotional or physical. High vibrations in resonance is expressed by good health and happiness. The sound vibrations produced in these sessions can help realign your vibrational self and promote healing and well being. 

Ultimately, it is you whom heals thyself.

Kathy Stillings will be partnering  with me to provide this amazing experience.




Our Wonderful Oneness

My personal philosophy is simply Peace and Love; we meet people where they are with no judgments because everyone is a child of the universe, worthy of love and forgiveness.  

My presentation will center on the concept of unveiling, weeding through the misconceptions about who we are and discovering the pure essence of our wonderful oneness. Everyone has a story and that story is valuable and needs a safe environment to share and release.

“I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing”.

From The Invitation

Peace & Love Vanessa

Heart Centered Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation

We have all been taught to rely on our minds and we forget about our best ally, our Hearts. Heart Centered Meditation is a powerful and transformational way to connect with our authentic self and end negative patterns and limiting beliefs. Together, we will explore the ability to bring awareness to our physical bodies, to open our hearts and fill it with compassion and unconditional love for ourselves. No matter how stressful our lives are we always have the opportunity to pause and adjust our perspective. Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention to the present moment. Mindfulness can reduce stress, clear unwanted habits and bring joy back to your experience of living.

Brittany Dincher

I am a licensed Social Worker and currently work as an outpatient therapist. I received my Master’s Degree in Social Work from Marywood University. I also have training in Creative Arts Therapy and Reiki. I love to spend time with my family and love being outside as much as possible. I also enjoy reading and painting. I try to live life in the moment by bringing in my passion, listening to my guidance and seeing love in every experience.

Finding Our Path- An art experience

Come along with me on a journey to reconnect with your life path. This guided imagery and drawings will allow you to reflect on how you deal with obstacles in your life, relate to others and will help to identify your personal powers. You do not have to be an artist to participate. This will be a chance to reconnect with your inner child and use crayons and other materials to express yourself in pictures or words. This will be a fun, relaxing activity to assist you in recognizing your purpose and getting back on your path.

Check back for future additions.
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