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CD Soul Remembrance

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She Holds You   

Body of Love

Divine Grace

Cosmic Ocean of One

Angelina Rose

Gracious Arrival

total time 52:38

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This is perhaps the best CD I have ever used in my healing practice. Clear and uncluttered the tracks promote a sence of calmness and allow you to tune into yourself. I listened to it 3 times in the first two days after I purchased it. I highly recommend it to Everyone!
Lisa Divittore, 2016

Take a meditative sound healing journey, anytime you want. 


Are you stressed?  emotional wiped out?  physically exhausted?  need a creative boost?  or want answers about life?  Lie back, relax and let the music guide you into a place of peace and bliss.

Connect with your Divine Soul and explore the

grace that dwells within you.  Unlock the keys, of your remembrance, of who you truly are and  experience the flow of love, peace, and creativity in your life. 


Music video    "Divine Grace"

CD Reviews

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"In the emptiness, we find silence. In the Divine, we find Peace. In Angela’s CD, I have found contemplative mystery and magic. She has given me a sense of purity and peace within her vocal landscape and divine musical meanderings. I am expressed through this great musical work. When you feel like you’ve been expressed through someone else’s work, it is a true gift indeed! Thank You Angela for creating this wonderful CD!"


  Kai Shanti

It is hypnotic! I played it about 6 hours one day for numerous massages.  I can't speak for my clients, but for me, the CD inspired me to be creative. I played it tonight for a couple of clients and I noticed the pull chain on my stained glass lamp was moving like a pendulum. My CD player is beneath the lamp.

Cindy Fox


"Thanks so very very much for creating the Soul Remembrance album! I just listened to it while doing my breathwork and was transported to such a deep space. WOW! I intend to play it for an upcoming breathwork class that I'm facilitating at Gilbert Yoga on Monday evenings. Thanks again for this deeply transformative work!"  

 Eric Rehnke

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