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To include sound journey meditation,  private and on-line  healing sessions, ceremonies, and house blessings.

 Sacred Sound  Alchemy

What is it?

"In the beginning there was the word" the word is a sound vibration.  We are created "from" and  "of"  this vibration.  Every atom in our body vibrates.  It is our natural state to be in vibrational harmony with life and Source.  However, we live in a world of discordant energies that pull us out of this harmonious flow with life.

When we are not in vibrational harmony with our mind, body, spirit and Source, we are in a state of dissonance which can lead to "dis-ease" .   Everything in our environment contributes to our vibrational state including, nutrition, physical environment, people we are with, thoughts, feelings and our beliefs about ourselves.  Everything is energy, everything vibrates.


Ask yourself: Am I at ease with this....? or am I at "dis-ease" or dis-harmony?  When we are in a state of disharmony we create disease or ailments in our mind body complex.  When we are in harmony we not only are in a state of wellness but, also in a state of creation.


Flooding our body with harmonious vibrations brings us back to homeostasis, a state of harmonic resonance. 

"Where two or more gather in my name, there I am with them ",not only does this imply the presence of Yeshua (Jesus) and any or all the heavenly host but it speaks to the exponential growth in power simply by us coming together.

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I also offer ceremonies.  Nothing traditional, everything is uniquely guided by your intention and my connection to Source. Anything you would like to celebrate, offer gratitude for, or bless. I also offer home blessings. I have received many request to create ceremony and I feel honored to do so.

Cacao Ceremony

Contact me for availability as a facilitator at your 


workshops, retreats, and festivals.

Cacao ceremony is a beautiful way to experience the love that you truly are. Cacao is the raw sacred form of chocolate.  When handled with loving intent, her divinely feminine way, she grounds you into your heart. She aids you in releasing your pain , especially feeling the love and activating you into greater understanding. You become one with your divine and human self, so beautiful. We can arrange small groups for about two hours.

Sound Journey Meditation

Come and journey with me, as my Divine Soul and the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness energies guide the vibrations of the rattle, drum, crystal singing bowls, chimes and voice toning  to carry you off into a blissful state of divine love. Codes of light are transmitted to you through the voice toning guiding your healing, activation and  awakening.

The sound journey meditation takes you deep into the vortex of your heart, where you can experience vibrational resonance with your Higher Self/ Divine Soul.  Here you will commune with Source and experience the deepest most profound Divine Love and Grace available to you.


You will vibrate in universal resonance with peace, love and joy, and come away with a sense of who you truly are, what life really is about, and how to bring that harmonic resonance into your daily life. Healing on all levels can be attained here. Are you ready to surrender to your light?  As we release and heal together we enlighten the collective consciousness as well.  I invite you to join me in this beautiful "Celebration of Light" and universal communion as we share it with all the world!  


This is an awakening and remembrance process that I humbly and graciously share with all Beings.

                                                  "Healing is the act of remembering your light"  

acension, alchemy, harmony, divine soul

 This is a sampling of a sound healing journey.

"Angela is a pure embodiment of the Divine Feminine. Her sound journey is an enchanting experience. The energy she moves is sublime, like soft bliss. During the session, a pressure and heaviness that had been in my heart for some time completely dissipated and hasn’t returned. Angela is a celestial being - a true angel."

                                                                                Douglas Walker 4/17

Energy, Sound and Guidance  Healing Sessions

Do you want to be free?  free from disease?  free from physical pain?  free from the trappings of your thoughts?  free from emotional pain?

We are vibrational Beings in a physical dimension and we forgot physicality is vibrational as well.  We have separated ourselves, compartmentalized our lives in many ways and forgot our wholeness.  The key to healing is pulling in all of our pieces and remembering we are One, we are whole and we are  connected to omniscient Source that provides all of our needs.  Our biggest obstacle is our belief system.  What we believe to be true, is our truth.  

Are you ready to change all that? Let's begin the path back to freedom. Allow me to guide you back to wholeness.

The vibrational healing session begins with energy flowing from my hands to you, with touch and non touch techniques. This is followed by drumming, crystal bowls and voice toning all around you, harmonizing your energy field,  taking you deeper into a  state of bliss and divine love within you, in this sacred space  healing can take place on any level.  Verbal messages are given as well.   Conversational guidance will help you to shift your belief patterns.  Each session is unique combination of all that I offer here. I allow my higher self  to guide me in what will serve your highest good.


We are all divinely spiritual beings having a human experience and healing is the act of remembering all that you truly are.  Become a co-creator of your life and open to endless possibilities.


Angela's sound healings take place in your body @ the cellular level through her heartfelt sound vibration. Her healings pull in vibrational earth energy, energy of the elements & divine energy to heal imbalances in your emotional, physical & spiritual bodies. Her jewelry captures her healing energy so that you can take it with you! I highly recommend her for group & individual healing sessions!.

          Jill Reed


How do I schedule a session?

I'm available for private in person sessions and on-line sessions. Contact me via email; for more information and scheduling.

I believe the energy exchange of money should reflect the value you place on what you receive . We (society) are working towards a more free flowing concept of money.  For now, I offer my service at a minimum of $60 and no maximum, you decide the value.

 On-line Session Review
"I have finally experienced what it is to actually meditate ... to be within a place of calm and peace ... and that I attribute to Angela and her beautiful calming way she took me through my first successful meditation ... with  Angela's guidance I was able to get lost in my breathing and simply follow her direction ... she then incorporated her sound therapy ... this was so tranquil and warm I simply sailed into a blissful place.  This was an actual breakthrough for me .
I'm beyond grateful for Angela's help and guidance ... she's a beautiful soul ... and truly special."
Scott Phelan
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