Sacred Sound  Alchemy

"In the beginning there was the word" the word is a sound vibration.  We are created "from" and "of" this vibration.  Every atom in our body vibrates.  It is our natural state to be in vibrational harmony with life.  However, we live in a world of discordant energies that pull us out of harmonious flow with life.

When we are not in vibrational harmony with our mind, body, spirit and Source, we are in a state of  "dis-ease" .     Everything in our environment contributes to our vibrational state including, nutrition, physical environment, people we are with, thoughts, feelings and our beliefs about ourselves.  


Ask yourself: Am I at ease or harmony with this....? or am I at "dis-ease" or dis-harmony?  When we are in a state of disharmony we create disease or ailments in our mind body complex.  When we are in harmony we not only are in a state of wellness but, also in a state of creation.

Flooding our body with harmonious vibrations brings us back to homeostasis, a state of harmonic resonance. 

"Where two or more gather in my name, there I am with them ",not only does this imply the presence of Yeshua (Jesus) and any or all the heavenly host but it speaks to the exponential growth in power simply by us coming together.

Sound Journey

Come and journey with us, as my Divine Soul and the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness energies guide the vibrations of the rattle, drum, crystal singing bowls, chimes and voice toning  to carry you off into a blissful state of divine love. Codes of light are transmitted to you through the voice toning guiding your healing, activation and  awakening.

The sound journey meditation takes you deep into the vortex of your heart, where you can experience vibrational resonance with your Higher Self/ Divine Soul.  Here you will commune with Source and experience the deepest most profound Divine Love and Grace available to you.


You will vibrate in universal resonance with peace, love and joy, and come away with a sense of who you truly are, what life really is about, and how to bring that harmonic resonance into your daily life.  As we release and heal together we enlighten the collective consciousness as well.  I invite you to join me in this beautiful "Celebration of Light" and universal communion as we share it with all the world!  


This is an awakening and remembrance process that I humbly and graciously share with all Beings.

                                                  "Healing is the act of remembering your light"  

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 This is a sampling of a sound healing journey.

"Angela is a pure embodiment of the Divine Feminine. Her sound journey is an enchanting experience. The energy she moves is sublime, like soft bliss. During the session, a pressure and heaviness that had been in my heart for some time completely dissipated and hasn’t returned. Angela is a celestial being - a true angel."

                                                                                Douglas Walker 4/17

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