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Light-Infused Jewelry


The creation of my jewelry is a spiritual experience, imbued with light and intention to serve your highest good.  Each creation is an alchemical combination of my love, the divine love of the sacred heart and the energies of the crystals and gemstones.  Each piece has its own energy signature and it reveals to me an intuitive message, to go with it.  The vibration it holds stabilizes your energy field, bringing what you need to move forward in your journey.  You will naturally be attracted to the piece that will benefit you, for your highest good. 


I often imagine the piece has an owner, before I create it and the universe conspires to bring us together.  I  have many clients confirming their connection with their piece and how it has affected their lives.  Statements like; “I can’t stop wearing this”,  “I feel so at peace when I wear it”,  “I see life more clearly now”,  “I feel empowered”, and more.  I am so grateful to be a vessel of divine love, grace, beauty and healing for us all. 

May it bring you as much joy as it brought me in making it!

Message me for my latest designs and/or follow me on Instagram Angelamiele11 . Also, wherever I travel for sound healing and retreats.  I am available for trunk shows as well.  Contact me for availability.  

healing jewelry , metaphysical, custom designs, gemstones
healing jewelry, metaphysical, custom designs, one of a kind

I offer custom order pieces.  With very little information I can create a piece that will be perfect for you or a friend.  It's a great way to help a friend in need ,or not in need, to just wear it for its beauty. 

goddess, divine feminine light, kunzite, ruby, light-infused, healing, magic

The Creatrix - 2019

This is a limited edition bracelet, created by and for the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness.  To support you in your choice to lead your life in unity with all of life.  To live and create a new way of being, living all for one and one for all.  Living our lives with courage and leadership we inspire others to step into their soveriegnty. 

Custom Orders

 I just got my bracelet from Angela. It is helping me in the process of opening up my healing abilities first to myself & then others. It is giving me clarity & peace in this transformational time. It is beautiful!

Jill Reed, 4/19

"I was surprised with one of your beautiful necklaces. I absolutely love it and feel it helped me through a very difficult time. I am extremely grateful."

  Christine Tomasits  5/17

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