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Empowerment Through Cooking

 This is a 2 to 3 hour workshop  designed to promote self empowerment through cooking.  To help you to use and trust your intuition and to recognize and release patterns that are not beneficial to your health. 


This workshop is based on my journey with food which revealed some basic guidelines easily applied in anyones life. It is my belief that we are all individual and we need to determine which foods are best for us based on how we feel not the newest fad. You will experience how to cook healthy and be able to apply this to your life. The self-empowerment you experience here is transferable to other aspects of your life, leading you to a life filled with joy.


Clients may open to the idea of allowing their intuition to guide them to what works for them. They experience the ease of cooking and how to adjust recipes to their taste. This class is good for those whom don’t know where to start or feel trapped in the sea of knowledge, with cooking and healthy dietary choices.


Contact me for availability as a facilitator at workshops, retreats, and festival.

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