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Set  Yourself  Free

A one day workshop inviting all who would like to free themselves from their cycle of pain.

Reaching Out to the Sun
Give yourself  an afternoon of self-discovery, finding new ways to free yourself from your cycle of pain and from your hamster wheel of thoughts.  We will not be reviewing our past traumas and hurts. We are in a time of great dispensation of Divine Grace. By accepting more love into our lives we can easily transform our pain.
Feel the support of the group as we all expand our awareness into self-love and away from self-loathing.  We will be exploring ways of being, to interrupt old pattens and participate in activities designed to activate the real you. Activities will include, breathe work, meditation, healing circle, nature connection, voice activation, dance and open discussions. We will explore healthy ways of supporting each other, and release old patterns of giving ourselves away.  We will give ourselves room to grow and expand in love.
Take a step toward honoring yourself and join us for a beautiful day of discovery and freedom to be who you truly are!
We will start with an overview of the healing process and how not to get stuck in  the process.  We will move through a series of activities to guide us into  knowing ourselves and each other in a new and open way.  We will offer healing and support for each other.  We will learn new ways to infuse our lives with love, joy and happiness. We will discover how to be co-creators of our world.
If you would like to host the workshop 
message me at

Angela traveled to my home in Camillus, NY, to do a sound healing session as well as a healing workshop called “Set Yourself Free”. The ladies who attended, as well as myself, received a powerful, and at the same time, spiritually uplifting and inspirational series of thought-provoking meditations, discussions, and healing work, which were delivered by Angela in a seamless, and flowing manner. The time flew throughout the experience, as  each person became visibly more and more deeply relaxed, and subtly affected by the almost palpable sense of Spirit gently taking charge through Angela’s words, crystals bowls and sound instruments, and voice.. The group seemed to congeal early on during the daylong workshop, and although they already knew one another before meeting Angela, there was a profound sense of trust and peace established, which served to melt anyone’s egoism walls of defense, allowing Spirit to enter in, promoting a very transformative and healing ambiance. 

I know I speak for all the people who attended, that we are all eager to have Angela return to us in the future. Every  person in the group expressed a heartfelt appreciation for the healing work done with Angela that day. 

Pam Rosati


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