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" It was amazing. She has a beautiful voice and when she played the crystal bowls I could feel a vibration, buzzing in my right ear, in which I have deaf since birth. I left feeling relaxed but exhilarated. Angela is wonderful.”

 Denise Marks

"This was one of THE MOST POWERFUL healing meditations I've ever attended. So grateful for the purity of love shared. You are a true gift, Angela! Thank you for sharing your grace."  Amber Mikesell, Pheonix, AZ 12/8/14

"Your sound healing turned out to be exactly what I needed on Sunday. It helped me shift emotioally and do some things I really needed to do but, was struggling with. I just wanted to let you know your healing work had an impact."  Katie, Phoenix, AZ, 12/10/14


"The drumming; like the heartbeat of my health,

crystal bowls; light, pure,

no room in my thoughts, only the clarity of the sound,

the energy of the sound, only the song of the energy in the universe."

"So relaxing, to be deeply present and free of my body simultaneously. I could feel physical, mental and emotional holdings dissolve into the vibrations. " 

Lewisburg, PA  12/2013

sound healing meditation, Angela Miele Review, workshop leader, yoga retreat
sound journey, crystal sing bowls, review Angela Miele

" This evenng, I enjoyed and delighted in a lovely expression of Angela's spirit and gentle energy. Her calling and guidance is a gift! "

Andrea, Lewisburg, PA

"You created a powerful resoonance in the space, felt throughout my body and around it."

Masha Levina, Milford, PA

"Thank you! What a beautiful experience of sound and relaxation. I am feeling a state of bliss and peace I haven't felt from sitting in sound. Many blessings on your journey. SatNam,"

Angela Sheaffer, Lemoyne, PA  

"This was my first experience with singing bowls and it was really wonderful. Angela has a beautiful gift to share and it left me feeling so peaceful, relaxed and clear, Thank you!!"

Jessica Eve

 Good luck Angela! You were so helpful to me last summer, thanks again! The wholeness that my soul felt! My wish is that everyone could experience the healing powers of sound! With your CD-they can! I am very excited and proud of your accomplishments! Here is a beautiful Bible verse: Ezekiel 10:5 'And the sound of the cherubium's wings was heard even to the outer court, as the voice of Almighty God'! We are given many ways to seek inner peace and strength, I can't thoroughly explain my gratitude for your gift of wisdom & enlightenment!  Diane Shaheen 1/27/16

sound healing reviews, soul activation

Yes, a sacred gift to all of us, to be in ceremonial circle with Angela sharing her deeply resonating crystal bowls, her exquisite toning voice and powerful lovely presence.  I was transported into a dimension of pure love and light, harmony dancing in my heart.  I am forever grateful for this experience.

  Elisa Hurley, 4/17

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