Blog / Vlog - Courage to Journey a blog about my personal journey of living life in conscious awareness.  Allowing the divine feminine light to guide me into my heart, facing fears, integrating light into my life and ultimately embracing unity consciousness. Past blogs can be just as relevant today as they were then, explore what resonates with  your journey.  Know you are supported and divinely loved.

July 9, 2016

Life is a continuing commitment to love more deeply, to love others, to love self.  To love more deeply means to love more unconditionally than ever before.  It takes you to the place of embracing unity consciousness.  At first glance you say yes, of course, we are all one, BUT, can you except that  ALL is divine??? , even the most horrific thing is part of the divine, its part of the one. Those things are the field of consciousness playing out.  Whatever energies are in the field, they will manifest in the physical.  It may not look logical or make sense but, it is how it manifest.  These things appear random, they show up small or large, in our little personal worlds, in our communities, or in the collective; to show us where we are holding onto beliefs of separation.   Any place fear resides is a red flag we are not embracing the field of "One".  Attachments are a sign of fear buried somewhere. We need to look deeper every moment, in order to release those attachments so we can embr...

November 11, 2015

How did I make the decision?  How did I know?  What made me want to give up what I had established and change my life into a nomadic journey?

I will tell you, it felt like it turned on a dime.  In reality, the universe was giving me what I asked for, just not how Iwas expecting it, of course.  I returned to Phoenix after a month long visit to Pennsylvania. To my surprise I began feeling fearful as I arrived in Pheonix and I couldn't shake it. I felt like I was starting over again. This feeling stayed with me all night. I was grateful to be spending the night with my friend Colette, she is a pillar of strength for me. I still had the feeling with me the next day. I almost felt like giving up, tail between my legs, back to PA. I couldn't bare being in a fearful state again. I truly felt I had transcended the fear around starting over prior to my visit home and here I am feeling it again. What is this about???

In addition to this, I was already f...

November 10, 2015

I have chosen to blog  about my journey to help encourage others who may be considering changing there life pattern into a more free flowing spiritual journey of life. Which requires living life spontaneously, from the heart, with trust in universal guidance. I hope to share my courage, fear, love, joy, doubts, peace and trust as I experience them.  I hope to share with you how God places angels in my path to help me fullfill my destiny.

with much love and blessings to all my sisters and brothers out there,


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