Blog / Vlog - Courage to Journey a blog about my personal journey of living life in conscious awareness.  Allowing the divine feminine light to guide me into my heart, facing fears, integrating light into my life and ultimately embracing unity consciousness. Past blogs can be just as relevant today as they were then, explore what resonates with  your journey.  Know you are supported and divinely loved.

June 26, 2019

 Part 3 of my physical healing journey. Deepening my relationship with healing itself. I am deepening my relationship with the elements and the part they play in our healing, our being ness and oneness.

June 15, 2019

This video is about My Healing Journey part 2.  I am discovering the multi-dimensionality of this healing process and awakening to be more of my true self. I am honoring my bodies innate ability to heal itself. I surrender to my higher self and follow divine grace.

June 9, 2019

This video is about my healing journey with my broken arm and what it means for me to be a creator and master in the face of physical trauma. This has brought me to place of dismantling my old paradigm beliefs around physical injury. Journey with me as I unravel the deeper meeting of this experience.

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