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My Journey


My own personal journey of opening my heart, awakening my consciousness and healing myself, has prepared me as a Way Shower for humanity.  Through my humility, authenticity, and vulnerability, I surrendered to the Divine within, again and again.....  


Growing up empathic is a painful journey.  It caused me to withdraw, lash out in anger and/or stuff my pain, barricading my heart as much as possible.  I struggled with depression through my teens, twenties and  thirties.   I tried my best to " fit in" with the norm, until that one fateful day,  when I decided I couldn't live like this any longer.

Then I began the journey of letting go of victimhood, changing my perspective and taking responsibility for my happiness.  In 2008,  I had cleared away enough pain to crack open my heart and begin a relationship with my Higher Self and Mother/Father God.  From here, I began to open to my gifts and eventually understand I am here to aid the healing and awakening of humanity, by way of guiding people into their hearts,  alchemizing sorrow into love. Guiding them into relationship with their True Self.  Our journey of awakening continues, it is an ever evolving and expanding process, no matter what your purpose is here on planet Earth.



"YOU ARE WALKING PEACE!!! A deep presence of calm surrounds you & abounds with Love from You! It manifests in your transformative Sound Healing work, in your stunning jewelry handwork, & reaches deeply into all you are near! "

Carolyn Viola


My  Purpose

I understand the vibration of Divine Love and Grace that pours from me enables you to harmonize with your Soul, and KNOW AND FEEL YOU ARE LOVE!  My voice carries codes of light that act to heal, awaken and activate you.  My energy field helps you to find homeostasis within your Being.  You experience what it is like to be at home within your own heart.  You are then able to release disease causing patterns from your energy fields and replace them with the true love that you are! More importantly you release belief patterns that are not your truth that have been ingrained in you.  You begin to live in alignment with your Divine Soul and move naturally into a healthy lifestyle that is supportive of this union between the physical you and the divine you.  Also, you open to your creative purpose in life and life becomes joyous, abundant and beautiful as you bloom into your true perfection.

I have come to know that I  work with the Council of Light consisting of Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Galactics and more than I can comprehend.  I am of the lineage of the Magdalena Sisterhood  Divine Feminine and of the Divine Masculine Christ Consciousness.  I am here to continue what we have started millennia's ago, guiding  us into the Golden Age of Miracles, where humanity lives in unity consciousness, in balance of the divine feminine and divine masculine energies.   Where we embrace everything as sacred and live consciously and harmoniously with all of life.


 How do I chose to share my gifts?  Creatively, always evolving as we grow.  For now, I share through the alchemy of sound, light and color in private sessions,  sound journey meditations, ceremonies, conversations, retreats, workshops, crystals, jewelry and other art pieces.  Most importantly, I share my transformational journey with you, to aid you in moving through yours, into greater joy.

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